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With more than 25 mainstream diets, and thousands of other diets on the market, the question is; “What does eating healthy mean ?”

Firstly it means eating so we maintain a healthy range of bodyfat. The American Council on Exercise lists a “Fitness” healthy range for Females as 21-24% body fat, and for Men 14-17%.

Science has determined that there are 2 hormones that increase body fat with 100% predictability.

Insulin and Cortisol: Firstly with Insulin, by eating unhealthy and stimulating high production of Insulin this always stimulates fat storage.

The second hormone Cortisol: long term over-production of this hormone is generally due to: 1) high levels of stress, 2) not enough sleep 3) over training 4) unhealthy eating or 5) other issues/illnesses.

So what is healthy eating ? Anything that does not stimulate the over production of Insulin and or Cortisol.

AVOID: Processed foods: Grains-Sugars eg Breads, Cereals, pasta, pastries, Juices, Cakes, Chocolate.

EAT: Wholesome natural foods: Vegies, Fruits, Meats/Eggs/Nuts/Tofu, other fats and proteins,

BE CAREFUL WITH: Dairy is ok for some but avoid the low fat dairy as it is more processed. Do not go overboard on Starchy veggies eg potato, beans etc.

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